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TeleLandy TeleLandy
TeleLANDY is a classic lander game with puzzle elements. Help TeleLandy to reach...
Recursion Recursion
Our white-haired hero character does not get rid of trouble! You will not notice...
 Bug Attack Bug Attack
Insects preparing to invade your kitchen! You respond to them with kitchen utens...
Nutty Mania Nutty Mania
Small and cute squirrels are very hungry and need to collect nuts. Helpful icebe...
Decay of Men Decay of Men
After years of chaos and global corruption the world has now become a perilous p...
Medieval Shooter Medieval Shooter
Use your crossbow to shoot enemy knights in order to complete each level and sur...
Super Sniper 2 Super Sniper 2
Take out the enemy forces in this shoot-em-up. Upgrade your gun and become the b...
Escape From Yepi Planet Escape From Yepi Planet
Yepi's planet has been invaded by vicious aliens, and his beloved Yepi girl...
Mario In The Sea World Mario In The Sea World
In this new submarine adventure, our friend super mario must kill all bad monste...
Fruit Ninja Kitchen War Fruit Ninja Kitchen War
Move the knife with the mouse. Slice ingredients as they are thrown at the scree...
Splatters Splatters
Eliminate as many shapes as you can before they take you out! Defeated enemies l...
Space Kid Space Kid
Some astronauts were traveling through space and discovered a new planet. They t...
Racing King Racing King
Nobody is better than you in this cool driving challenge. Plenty of drivers from...
I saw her standing there I saw her standing there
I saw her standing there, but then she was a.... You will have to play to find t...
Delivery Mafiaboy Delivery Mafiaboy
You start at the bottom of the ladder in a mafia organisation. You have a lot of...
Awesome Planes Awesome Planes
Upgrade your plane and cause maximum destruction!
Super Trail Super Trail
Make your way over these courses but beware the pits. Upgrade your bike, buy Nit...
Magic Steel Magic Steel
The master of robots and your God is intolerable tyrant. Get up off your knees a...
I am Flying to the Moon I am Flying to the Moon
Use the rocket to fly to the moon and use the money from each launch to buy upgr...
Ovum Defender 2 Ovum Defender 2
Ovum Defender 2 is latest fun strategy game by It's a fixed sho...
Shroom Boom! Shroom Boom!
Find and collect the precious mushrooms but watch out for the mines!
Spikes Tend to Kill You 2 Spikes Tend to Kill You 2
The sequel to Spikes Tend to Kill You is here! Get ready for the challenge of yo...
Ben 10 bmx Stunt 2 Ben 10 bmx Stunt 2
Get on a Bmx with ben 10 by performing mad tricks. The more flips and massive s...
Building Demolisher Building Demolisher
Completely obliterate the structure in each level by using the limited number of...
The Alien Invader The Alien Invader
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